"About us" in job description ?   Recruiters alert.......... 
Make the right pick...

Done with the job posting? That reached to a lot of people.... But unfortunately failed to attract the applicants as expected.... In our preceding articles we have tried to bring some guidelines for candidates those who are attempting for a resume remake... Several tips and points to  candidates as to how they should write cv to highlight in a way they can help corporate overcome hurdles at work and handle situations. Now here's a twist... this thing goes vice-versa. When a candidate reads your job post he is first looking that what is in it for him to do.  He might be looking for a challenging opportunity, or better salary, or better prospects ,  etc.. so first thing here up is to detail JD and not at first put 'about us' section. 
lets have a look at a small census:  (courtesy ONGIG)

Imagine a job post where right in the beginning it starts with 'about us' if the first 250 word…


COVER LETTER....   cover it up....
We talk of a new job we talk of   a resume, a profile. The very concept of writing a cover letter sounds just like a worn out concept...  Its like what? First the resume and now the cover letter?
Recruiters have even not mentioned to attach a cover letter?
Its just not asked with the JD .. only a resume....
Isn't a resume enough?
Cover letter? does anyone even open it?

Well  we are here to answer all these questions.
Resume as we discussed is tailor- made according to the job you are applying for. there are limitations to the information. What it your want to share some achievement separately which you haven't mentioned in resume? Cover letter is certainly that opportunity.
The way where it is always advisable to include a cover letter with your profile whenever your apply for the job, it is also in the same way it is necessary to write the cover letter in the proper manner and format which is appropriate to catch recruiter's attention.

Curriculum Vitae / Resume

 Applying for a new job?  Is it the CURRICULUM              VITAE  or RESUME? Which of them is required? 

Thinking what we are talking about? ... A CV or a Resume document? Mostly used interchangeably or more or less assumed same. But here is the thing. There is a way long difference between a CV and a Resume which we traditionally use to write our credentials while applying for a job.

Lets start with what these mean? 
A Curriculum Vitae (short denomination CV) is actually a Latin name for 'Course of one's life'. Hence a detailed written document of one's educational and professional achievements throughout the life. Emphasizing on academics and depending on your experience this can be as short as of one page or as long as more than 2 pages. 
Have some quite mention-able fellowships or memberships? write it here. Want to list your hobbies ? Pen down here. Your awards achievements, accomplishments have one roof to gather...    A  CV.
          Largely used to apply for jobs …
Glimpse of recruiting scenario 2017….and on…. Attracting millennial to the job’ – do you consider this as the biggest recruitment aspect for 2017? Then we have more for you to break the bubble.
Gone are those days when employees used to seek for employers. In this new emerging millennium, recruiters look for good talent pool and frame out strategies to fetch fresh talent. As a result these is a drift in the methods which drive to motivate and retain the existing employees to a great extent. Undoubtedly it is the work of an expert to design an effective recruitment strategy.  But I would like to add the essence of smart with ‘Expert’s work’ to make it happen fast.
# Treat your candidate as you would treat your customers:
Hiring is not only about recruiting people or putting them on-board, but also a medium to make a position of your company in the job market. A word of you states how the company treats others. So, once you have found a good candidate who is suitable for the said…

Recruitment Strategy: Outining Definition

Recruitment strategy: Defining outline
Defining a recruitment strategy in words can be done in various management jargons by different individuals. According to me putting it in simple words ‘ a recruitment strategy is a method or a framework which takes the process of recruitment  in such a way that qualitative talent pool is added to the organization effectively filtering unwanted candidates out without wastage of time and resources.’ Success of recruitment strategies: a>Its mandatory to have a complete know-how of nature of business the organization is into, for the recruiter in order to make the strategy successful b>A Recruiter should not fail to position the organization in the job market. For this identifying and having a deep knowledge of competitors is necessary.
"It is becoming a cliche to talk about personal brand; but your resume needs to convey that in no uncertain terms"
"Most resume's dont" ..... says Harward Siedel (partner with Essex partners, Executive coaching firm)

A curriculum vitae is the foremost document which goes even before you even say a 'hi' to the HR . It reached there the moment u apply for a job. So it will be a big mistake if we forget that that is the most powerful tool to market our skills to an organisation. But then? Why is it that nearly 80-89% if CV's are left un-noticed? In-spite of showcasing best of the talents why is that call for interview is not heard or long awaited?
If this is happening with you , that gives an alarm bell  to sit back , review and make some modifications to your CV... o ..oh i should now say your PROFILE..

Some common mistakes that leave the deserving profiles too unnoticed::

--> Gramatical errors in the CV.

--> Too long (Specially for entry level…